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Nursing Home Negligence and Abuse

How a society cares for its elderly or sick is a measure of its soul and character.

We have an increasingly aging population which needs professional care in order to keep up with necessary aspects of daily living.

Statistics indicate that there is an ever growing likelihood that a loved one, grandparent, parent, brother, sister or even child may require this type of care. One day, unfortunately it may even be you.

The fact is when we are in need of such care we are at the most vulnerable time in our lives.

We become totally dependent upon the care, skill, compassion and goodwill of those facilities and caretakers we entrust to take care of us and our loved ones at the moment of greatest need.

Unfortunately, nursing home facilities all too often violate this most sacred trust in caring for our most vulnerable.

At Martello & LaMagna P.C., we take it as a special privilege to represent the victims of heartless and greedy nursing homes who are more interested in their bottom line profits than the patients they are hired to care for.

The elderly and infirm can be exposed to numerous mistreatments:

Because of their non-caring and neglect your loved one can be unnecessarily forced to suffer:

Because our loved ones cannot care for themselves it is the responsibility of the nursing home to:

The nursing home is responsible for a comprehensive individualized care plan for your loved one tailored to their individual needs.

We at Martello & LaMagna P.C. will take steps to safeguard your loved ones. We will take a critical look at how your loved one is being treated and hold the nursing home accountable for their callous negligence. We will take measures to put your family member in safe care and obtain damages to pay for the proper treatment and the pain and suffering they endured.

We will bring charges against such facilities that do not meet acceptable standards so that family members are safe and treated with the dignity and compassion we all deserve in life.