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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Experienced representation of you and your family injured in automobile accidents.

In today's busy society and the reliance we all have on the automobile for personal and professional use unfortunate automobile accidents are basic realities of our time.

Accidents happen every day in the Tri-State area including the five boroughs of New York City and Long Island and Westchester. Tragically these accidents can result in very serious injury to yourself or a loved one.

Motor vehicle accidents can trigger many life changing events. Suddenly you may find yourself injured, not being able to work, wondering how you are going to pay for your medical bills and property damage and how you will recover your lost wages. Martello & LaMagna attorneys have over twenty years of experience in guiding our clients in the complex laws of motor vehicle accident cases in New York State.

At Martello & LaMagna we will guide you how to obtain your lost wages, reimbursement for medical bills, obtaining your No-Fault benefits and disability benefits and compensating you for the severe pain and suffering you will have experienced as a result of the injuries sustained in your accident.

There is no reason why you should be victimized twice by both the careless driver and a legal system that does not protect your rights unless you are properly advised by experienced legal counsel. At Martello & LaMagna we protect you from the beginning of your claim and to its just conclusion making sure the legal system works properly for you.

Motor vehicle accidents can occur in many different ways. Such as:

Martello & LaMagna are equipped with the proper team of lawyers, paralegals and experts to represent you in all the different ways you can be injured in a motor vehicle.

Defective Designs /Automobiles

Sometimes it is an internal manufacturing or design defect that caused the malfunction causing your injury.

We will enforce your rights against the manufacturer of the vehicle employing our team of investigators and engineers to determine the defect so that you may win your case.

Knowing your rights after the accident

New York State Motor Vehicle Laws are often complex. It is imperative that you seek trained legal advice so that you can properly navigate within the system to protect your rights. Insurance companies will do all that they can to insulate themselves from a claim and protect each and every one of their rights. Likewise it is imperative upon you the victim in the accident to ensure that the right legal steps in the right order are taken on your behalf. At Martello & LaMagna we provide a free consultation following your accident. We will advise you of the proper steps to be taken. We can arrange to have this free consultation in our office or if you are so injured and are not mobile we will come to you whether it be at your home or the hospital.