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LEAD PAINT POISONING and / or toxic mold exposure IN BUILDINGS

The tragic consequences of property owners and landlords not properly maintaining their buildings and allowing lead paint to be used on the interior of residential apartment buildings is that young children get poisoned from ingesting the lead paint chips.

It is well settled and common medical knowledge that young children's developing brains are especially susceptible to the effects of the lead paint poisoning. It causes the brain to not develop properly and therefore leaving the child brain damaged. Brain damage very often results in developmental delays, emotional and behavioral problems, cognitive and learning impairment, inability for the child to learn properly in school and a very disadvantaged life for the child as he or she grows to adolescence and into adulthood. Consequences of the lead poisoning and resulting brain damage can have far reaching affects on the child's ability to function in society for possibly the remainder of the child's life.

It is every parent's obligation borne from their love and commitment to their child to protect their child in any way they can. If your child's pediatrician indicates that there is an elevated blood level reading at their last medical checkup or you suspect your child ingested lead and reside in a home where lead paint possibly exists (buildings built before 1960 usually were painted with paint containing lead). It is imperative that you protect your child's rights and future. Contact Martello & LaMagna. We will advise you on the proper course of action to protect your child's future.

We employ medical experts which will determine whether or not your child was indeed lead poisoned and if so we will bring a legal claim against the property owner or contractors responsible for poisoning your child.

Likewise, toxic mold exposure due to water leaks and bad property management can cause neurological, respiratory and other organ failures to both children and adults.