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"Justice doesn't come without a fight" ®

The time of your life when you are in need of an attorney are often the most difficult and stressful. These can often be defining moments in your or a loved one's life. How you are advised and what steps are taken on your behalf are crucial to the successful outcome of your case.

The lawyers of Martello & LaMagna P.C. understand that your concerns become our concerns. Not only will your case be aggressively handled but you will have the confidence to go about your everyday life knowing that your case is in our hands.

There is nothing more personal than when you or a loved one are seriously injured due to the negligence of another or your very liberty is at stake because you have been accused of a criminal offense. Our firm understands the huge stakes that are involved in your life when you come to our offices. We understand that because of your injury you may be facing an uncertain future of not being able to work, lost wages, mounting medical bills, the pain and suffering that comes with the loss of performing physical activities you've grown accustom to or the spector of losing your liberty, reputation, employment and standing in your community as a result of an arrest or a serious personal injury.

Martello & LaMagna has decades of litigation experience defending our clients rights. Our firm is equipped with attorneys, paralegals and a team of medical, financial, engineering and other professional experts which will skillfully address each and every issue in your case so it can be brought to a successful and just outcome for you.

Because this type of litigation is so personal and its outcome has such a significant bearing on your life we understand the need to treat your case as if we ourselves were the very litigants in the matter. We understand the need to aggressively prosecute your matter protecting each and every one of your rights along the way. We also understand the important role you play in the case by listening to each and every one of your concerns so that we may better represent you. For this reason we place tremendous importance on keeping our clients fully apprised of every step of the progress of the case so that your concerns become our concerns.

Martello & LaMagna prides itself in putting you at ease be regularly informing you of each aspect of your case. Here at Martello LaMagna we encourage our clients to communicate regularly with us so that we can answer any questions or concerns. It is our policy that all telephone calls are promptly returned by the attorney handling the matter. We believe that having the client properly informed and part of the process leads to a successful outcome.

Through the hard work, experience and dedication by our team we have secured millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our personal injury clients. Likewise we have successfully defended and achieved successful outcomes for our criminal clients against the government and have won numerous acquittals on our clients behalf.

At Martello & LaMagna we know justice does not come without a fight. You have to be willing to get into the ring and battle your adversary in the courtroom in order to win the fight. It is our experience that people don't regularly admit that it was their negligence that caused the serious injury  you must now suffer through. Like wise the government does not regularly admit their mistake in arresting you or prosecuting you. It is our job to marshal the evidence for you so that your opponents' wrongs are exposed. It is in the courtroom that Martello & LaMagna will fight on your behalf to insure justice for you. You need attorneys with the strength, skill and experience to fight for you. It is through our aggressive representation you will receive the just compensation and justice you deserve.

Stephen Wade LaMagna
Mr. LaMagna appearing on 60 Minutes discussing whether driving while intoxicated homicides should be charged as murder.

Greg Patric Martello
"Personal injury trial attorney Greg-Patric Martello discussing new developments in personal injury law on cable tv."