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Claims against New York City and other Municipalities

As a tax payer citizens in the Tri-State area you deserve a safe environment in which to work, play and go about their business. That includes sidewalks and steps free of cracks and potholes that cause people to slip and injure themselves and the proper operation of above ground bus and below ground subway transit systems. The subway and bus systems should be operated in a fashion that protects the everyday citizen from injury and negligence. If you have been injured on a municipal or City sidewalk or building or injured while commuting on a City bus or City subway as a result of the negligence of the municipality your rights may have been violated and may be entitled to compensation for your injuries resulting from their negligence.

Martello & LaMagna have over twenty years prosecuting cases against various municipalities for their negligence. Our firm will provide free consultation to review your matter and advise you properly to enforce your rights.